Assessment of work stations in public buildings and outdoor facilities

Assessing work stations and all relevant locations with many users over large areas in public buildings and outdoor facilities can be a big challenge. Mostly, there are changing users and different user types at public areas, nevertheless, there are safety-relevant requirements that need to be checked. Regular inspections of workplaces, for example, are part of the operators’ duties. In addition, the area is to be evaluated for the annual review and audit. Ideally in one step!

What are possible solutions to record everything in an uncomplicated way when no digital data basis is available? Our Scout helps directly on site

1. Involve people on site

Employees are to be actively involved and everyone who has access via the app can document observations

2. Simple evaluation schemes

Depending on the topic and duties, the input is automatically categorized with the app. Supplementary notes and evaluation with photo are likewise to be added to the locations of the issue.

3. Documentation retrievable at any time

The information on the occupied work areas, operating facilities or technical equipment can be evaluated at any time for regular review in summary form. Necessary tasks are distributed via the system.

A practical example

The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences uses the Scout to check its compliance requirements on the extensive campus areas in order to be prepared for the regular environmental audit as part of the #EMAS certification. It also enables the university to provide students with the app and involve them in the sustainability process to get diverse on-site feedback from people on campus.

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