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SMEs Digital

One simple app for many business needs

Complying with external rules or regulations and ensuring internal requirements according to defined standards entail a number of challenges. For example, the collection of information during operations as well as a regular review of the implementation, detection of weak points and risks or recording of limit values. BuildingScout facilitates the process through faster processing, pinpoint subject-specific information and the integration of digital innovations.

Less time required

You can capture information quickly on your smartphone. The map and situation-typical defined profiles per data point help to automate the process.

Professional expert support

Recognized international standards for each scenario guide the user and lead to well structured results at the highest level.

Taking advantage of digitization

With this solution, even inexperienced users and digital newcomers are offered all the features and benefits.

One App, many Advantages

Simplify work processes

Record observation, status, photo or other documentation quickly and in a structured way in the app using the input features

Digital Work for everyone

Take advantage of all the benefits of mobile work with the cloud service

Integrate Sustainability Criteria

Implement standards according to work situation and professional module, e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, EMAS

Improve data quality & availability

Avoid transmission errors, follow-up and task assignment in a unified closed system made easy and safe

Digitization made easy with BuildingScout

No Setup

Nach dem Anlegen eines Basic Accounts sofort Map zufügen und loslegen.

On-site companion in the process

Subject-specific help for data collection and measure processing via the cloud.

Location based information

Visual orientation and location of all objects, findings or tasks.

Fast data collection

Besondere Kenntnisse sind nicht notwendig, Es ist spielerisch einfach für jeden Smartphone Nutzer.

Access for all responsible persons

Data points with captured information or tasks are available to the team.

Communication in the team and external

For responsible persons information and status are visible, external persons get editor rights.

Easy user-friendliness with Maps

Tap the display to move the map and place data points on it as desired.

Assign data point to person

Assign data point with corresponding task in the app to users and track status.

Live evaluation

Data entered and automatic evaluations are available live to everyone.