A map says more than a thousands words.


The use of a map and the other core elements of the software enable a completely new and simplified way of working for inventory, risk identification, status or fault analysis and other mobile activities. Especially with more complex building structures and workplaces, the procedure improves the process.


BuildingScout is as easy to use as other apps, but offers visual help by means of a map. Behind each data point on the map, information about the building and its operation is stored and can be called up with a tap. The usability and menu navigation on the display is intuitive.

Thematic Profiles

The application in the work process is playful. In addition to the digital building plans, modules offer targeted thematic help at a high level. Profiles, depending on the use case, which also guide non-specialists, speed up the process by quickly selecting them and structure data and documentation.


In addition to the thematic quick selection, you work digitally networked. The flow and data quality as well as the availability of all information for the team improves. Many steps, such as collecting information digitally, evaluating it, sharing it with others and processing tasks, happen in one flow.

Industry Standards

The system is not industry specific; as a user, you put together your own thematic modules depending on the application. The modules are based on recognized global standards.

No Setup

No setup is necessary. Just get started. If you still have questions or want your team to implement BuildingScout checks more effectively, take advantage of our online training courses or the support of our training partners.

Quick Data Capture and Professional Help

Profile Boxes for quick scenario-specific selection

Professional subject-specific modules with profile boxes help to quickly enter and group the created data points. Assessments criteria support further processing.

Share Information in the Cloud

Task Management

Data Points available for Groups and assigned to responsible Person

Need for action and responsibilities are assigned. Images and documents are available. All information is linked and data points can be shared with others on their mobile devices.