Inspections of production areas

Practical examples on how to support evaluation and documentation processes digitally in recurring inspections of production areas and outdoor operating activities

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Operational activities must be checked regularly according to varying criteria. There may be safety-related, environmental and/or other legal and corporate requirements. Recurring processes such as in the production hall or in other indoor or outdoor areas, e.g. for storage and logistics, must be monitored and observations documented.

Operational requirements

For many production sites, Sustainability is of high importance. And as Sustainability Leaders organizations pursue challenging targets for their sites. With BuildingScout, teams at each site use the mobile App for their weekly inspection tours of all locations that are relevant for sustainability management. Process irregularities and To Dos are identified and documented within the system. The BuildingScout App shares all information automatically with the relevant user accounts, provides a status update and directly allocates tasks to the responsible personnel. Utilizing the BuildingScout App contributes to the effectiveness of the management system in achieving their set targets.

Which criteria should be applied and how can I easily document what I have observed at each location?

BuildingScout helps directly on site.

1) The corresponding Scout modules with up to 100 profile boxes per module, provides the relevant requirements for each situation. The users select the corresponding profile box and thereby, the App generates the relevant information for the location to the User in order to capture the situation. The use of the profile boxes accelerates the process.

2) Issues and potential risks are documented by the User within the App. Notes, pictures, and evaluation functions help to document the exact issue, determine priorities and their importance. The required actions are then easily identified.

Practical example of “environmental scenarios” and corresponding results of a tour of the production areas that can be mapped in the app.

  • Profile Box Employees & Work Station: In the tour it is determined that mandatory training for equipment in the test area is not documented. The user defines the work areas for which training is required.   
  • Profile Box Compliance: During the tour, it is determined that information signs are missing. The user determines the locations with missing informational signs.   
  • Profile Box Materials: During the walk-through, it is determined that records of waste are not available as described. The user records the wastes and waste locations.   
  • Profile Box Technical Facilities: During the tour it is determined that the list of recurring inspections is not complete. The user marks the locations/objects not recorded.   
  • Profile Box Compliance: In the tour it is found that records of local emissions have not been made for all locations. The user marks the locations with missing documentation.   
  • Profile Box Processes: The tour determines that operational activity impacting air quality is out of date.
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