How it works

Only very few steps are needed

Step 1

You get started right away with the cell phone photo function or upload high-quality sketches on your PC.

Step 2

Set data point by tapping on the map and enter information and photo in the form.

Step 3

Information is shared via cloud and is live for all to see for further processing.

Step 4

Data point with task is assigned to a user account.

1 | Enter Map

Take picture and get started!

2 | Set Data Point

Tap and enter information

3 | Share Results

Share Data Point or assign task right away

4 | Complete Task

Complete assigned task in your app

Digital Tools for Conultants and Auditors

Our Sustainability-Toolbox offers a suitable package or module for everyone.

Tap & Scroll


Information on the building and operational activities behind a symbol on your building plan

Use Map to Interact

Floor Plan | Building Scetch | Outdoor Area | Other

Set any digital points and store information on the operating situation or objects

Information in a Data Point

Data Point Symbol | Text | Assessment | Photo | Profile

Tap & Enter

smart points


Data Security

Made in Germany and exclusively German server locations with ISO 27001 certification. In addition to security, we also rely on electricity from renewable energy sources for the server.



You need a current Firefox or Chrome browser. Mobile work with all devices with Android operating system, whether tablet or smartphone.



As a cloud solution, you need a connection to the Internet. Should this ever be interrupted, you continue to work in offline mode. The system is updated automatically.


Hard Copy

We pursue the digitization of processes and enable working without data as hard copy. Nevertheless, you can of course output information at the push of a button.

You use BuildingScout…

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