Simple digital tools for periodic site inspections

How collaboration and communication benefits any team

Environmental managers, safety specialists, technical staff and other areas make recurring inspections of operational facilities and work. Predominantly, people involved work together as a team. Individuals go on site, document relevant information, and create to-dos or check them off. In many cases, documentation is handwritten and follow-ups require additional communication between stakeholders. Modern digital tools make essential steps consistently easier. Information can be entered by anyone, it is available to all, and the corresponding actions or tasks are managed in one system. For the team, this enables new work formats, easier collaboration and direct mobile communication.

Plant tours are recurring formal reviews including visual inspections. This important process is a basic requirement to keep track of all details of an organization and its performance. The person performing the inspection needs the current status information, documents results quickly in a structured manner, and must relate the information back to the object or location being inspected. Ideally, necessary tasks are determined immediately and assigned to the responsible persons. Our cloud solution, available on the smartphone, makes these steps easier.

Information entered on the mobile device is immediately available to the team and to-dos are distributed. The status of each entry can be viewed. Digital maps provide the necessary orientation. Especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can start digitizing the process with this simple tool. BuildingScout enables continuous improvement and more effective results, and makes teamwork more efficient without high setup or training costs.

All that is needed is a mobile device and a BuildingScout account. You can get started right away. Let your digital building plans with smart data points as well as quick-select profiles per department help you during facility and building walk-throughs.

Environmental compliance checked!

An environmental manager walks all locations marked as compliance-relevant. BuildingScout displays the locations and detailed information. The auditor documents the status and comments, which are then immediately online in the system for all to see.

Workplace safety under control, compliance OK!

A safety specialist locates workplaces in a workshop where health hazards exist. The “hot spots” are recorded with evaluation in BuildingScout. Preventive measures are coordinated in the portal.

SME Check – you use your smartphone

Digitally record situations in the company at any time on the building plan and share with others. Work faster and in a structured way: Departments benefit from the profiles of the respective module when gathering information and processing topics.

E.g. environmental aspects in operational processes: Water, soil protection, emissions, etc. (supports the implementation of EMAS/ ISO14001)

e.g.energetic situation: specific operating facilities/equipment (supports the implementation of ISO 50001, DIN EN 16247-1)

e.g. safety topics: Equipment, employees, workplaces, substances (supports the implementation of legal requirements)

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