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“Simplicity is Key” – axcorn makes innovative technologies available  in form of easy tools for immediate application in complex work situations.

Smart digital companions that help your team quickly overcome big challenges during site tours. Our mobile solutions can simplify the work for every person involved in site inspections and building checks. Interactive and lively, you work on your smartphone using a building map on which you place clever data points . A point on the map contains everything that is important to you or that you want to share with others.

Easy Cloud-Solutions

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Environmental Managers

How environmental managers use Scout? The Scout explores your buildings and operating sites
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Safety Specialists

How safety and health managers use it? Buildingscout explores your workplaces and hazards
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Consultants & Auditors

How consultants and auditors use it? The scout explores clients' buildings and operating sites
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Operations and Building Managers

How operations managers, property managers or building auditors use it? Checking deficiencies on the premises or auditing of the building structure.
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Step into the Digital World

axcorn stands for Compliance & Sustainability

To meet corporate requirements, we simplify all steps in on-site inspections and in the implementation of measures. Companies receive suitable digital tools to keep an eye on safety and environmentally relevant information as well as essential areas of operational or building-related significance and cost factors. Learn more about how you can make your operations and buildings more sustainable and efficiently implement compliance requirements through digitalization.